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How to Brew a Carafe
Published  6/28/17

Before you begin, ensure that you have a Keurig® Carafe and K-Carafe® pod ready.

  1. To begin, remove the Drip Tray and secure the Keurig® Carafe in place. When the slight protrusion on the base of the Carafe is connected with the brewer, the Carafe will be perfectly in place for the beverage stream to flow directly into the Keurig® Carafe. There is no need to remove the lid of the Keurig® Carafe. Select a K-Carafe® pod and place it firmly in the Pod Holder. Please be sure that the number in the circle is at 9 o’clock when inserting.
  2. Then, lower the Handle. The brewer will recognize the inserted K-Carafe® pod and optimize to the recommended, customized setting for that particular beverage.
  3. Next, the display to brew a K-Carafe® pod will appear. Then, select a Brew Size (the system will automatically suggest the optimum brew size for that beverage type). Press the blinking “Brew” button and enjoy! Please note, the brew cycle won’t start until the Keurig® Carafe is secured in place.

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