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How do I drain and store my brewer?
Published  10/10/17
K-Cup/Classic & Keurig® 2.0/Plus Series:

With the exception of the Keurig® K15 and Keurig® MINI Plus brewers, once your Keurig® home brewer has been primed, you cannot empty the water from the inside. If you need to store your brewer, empty the removable Water Reservoir and store your brewer in a safe and frost-free environment. Please be sure to store your brewer in its upright position to avoid water leakage from the inner tank.

Please note, it is not recommended to store the brewer in a cold environment as it runs the risk of water freezing inside the brewer and causing damage.  If your brewer has been in an environment below freezing, please be sure to let it warm to room temperature for two hours before brewing.

Keurig® K15 / Keurig® MINI Plus brewers:

Step 1: Brewer must be powered off, but plugged in.

Step 2: Place a mug on the Drip Tray to catch the water to be drained.

Step 3: Check if there is water left in the Cold Water Reservoir. If so, lift the brewer handle to drain the water in the Cold Water Reservoir into the Hot Water Tank. Close the handle (if water is still present in the Cold Water Reservoir, this procedure will need to be repeated a second time).

Step 4: Press and continue to hold the BREW button – within 5 seconds the water in the Hot Water Tank will begin to drain into the cup on the Drip Tray. Hold button until only air exits the brewer

Keurig® Rivo® System:

Unlike the other Keurig® systems, the Rivo® System has no internal water tank. As a result, only the external Water Reservoir needs to be emptied prior to storing.

OfficePRO® & OfficePRO® Premier brewers:

Our small office brewers have the ability to be drained. Follow the instructions provided in the Use & Care guides

With all of our brewers, we recommend rinsing the removable Water Reservoir with fresh water and running three cleansing brews without a beverage pod after storing the brewer.

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